Business Development Consulting

We have synergized our managerial experience and knowledge gained while providing audit and financial services, blending original findings accumulated over the course of many years and up-to-date information into a comprehensive service of consulting support to businesses.
Our specialists not just analyze the standing of a company but explain the reasons that cause particular difficulties a company faces with. We do not leave our clients one-on-one with their problems but offer a solution strategy and point out the areas of further growth.

Values we create for businesses

Eliminating the biggest obstacles
Today, stereotyped thinking of the management and personnel alike is the biggest problem of Ukrainian businesses. Working conditions are changing fast in Ukraine, so in order to hold their ground companies have to take risks in an unknown field. As an international company, we are the experts in what Ukrainian businesses are going to face. We change the way of thinking and help companies move ahead without stopping before new obstacles.

Offering flexible approach
The problems that every client has are different in nature and depth, although they all lie in the same area, the area of gaining profit. Today’s market conditions force businesses to be flexible to the maximum, so we also offer the same flexible solutions. We decided against devising a standard service portfolio; instead, we find individual approach to the solution of problems of every particular client.

Our service is geared toward:

  • companies whose management have found themselves in a difficult situation and are unable to stabilize the situation on their own;
  • businesses which are ready for changes and strive to reach higher;
  • companies looking for suitable innovative solutions;
  • investors coming to Ukrainian market;
  • companies looking for financing;
  • businesses from other industries entering agricultural production sector.

What we do:

  • create strategic architecture in a company;
  • build operational processes;
  • analyze functional and organizational structures;
  • help in financial planning and budgeting;
  • carry out specialized audits;
  • provide agronomic services and so on.

What your company gets:

  • new business growth opportunities (in particular, we point out new technology-related opportunities, show the ways of reducing operating expenses without sacrificing effectiveness, etc.);
  • ready-to-implement risk handling methods;
  • cost optimization;
  • increased return on existing assets;
  • correctly-built functional structures. You company will always be able to fulfill its contractual obligations and make timely business expansion decisions.

Who we work with
In today’s conditions, we segment our clients among Ukrainian businesses into two main types: client at the problem stage and client at the growth and development stage. Both need professional consultations, and the only difference is terms. In the former case we provide ‘emergency assistance’ and prescribe a fast-action remedy, while in the latter, we build a long-term strategy which will lead the company to success not by thorny back roads but by a wide freeway.
Flexibility of solutions envisages transition to the change mode. In order to implement these changes painlessly, a company must undergo an adaptation period.  Baker Tilly develops individualized strategies.

Consulting for foreign investors
Investors look for transparent companies with manageable risks. We help investors scan all processes inside a company, level of its management, operational processes, state of controlling, reporting and other processes. Investors may either request assessment of a particular company or ask for a list of attractive offers on Ukrainian market.

Consulting for businesses
Companies looking for financing often don’t know what an investor expects from them. We work with companies, beginning from the vision of management and ending with technical points concerning standardization of production process.