Tax advisory and Tax Audit
Tax review is an independent diagnostics of Client’s tax accounting, the aim of which is to determine accuracy of calculation, payment of taxes and duties to the budgets and their presentation in tax reporting. The main tasks of the tax review are the timely detection of errors, analysis of the errors and providing recommendations for their removal.
Baker Tilly offers both a comprehensive, in-depth review of tax and express-diagnostics, which may include the inspection of certain taxes or fees.
The comprehensive tax review covers all taxes and fees, which the company accrues and pays in carrying out its business operations. When conducting tax review, Baker Tilly experts check and analyze primary documents, journals, financial and tax records to obtain sufficient evidence concerning the correctness and presentation of economic operations of an enterprise in tax accounting, their adherence to norms of the Tax code of Ukraine and accounting standards.
The express-diagnosis regarding the agreed fees and taxes is a more flexible approach to the tax review. Carrying out this check enables the client to focus on the correctness of the calculation and payment of taxes, the most important for the enterprise.For the years of Company’s operating at the Ukrainian market, a large number of businesses in various sectors of the economy became our clients. Based on knowledge of industry specific nature and project implementation experience, we are confident that our services will be valuable for your company.
According to the results of the tax review, the client is provided with a confidential report, which includes comments on the compliance of tax accounting to legislation of Ukraine, in all material respects.
The most common reasons for conducting an independent diagnostic of tax accounting are the following:
  • Validation of company tax accounting
  • Change of Chief Accountant, CFO or CEO
  • Before tax authorities checks
  • Validation of self-prepared tax reports of the company before they are delivery to the tax authorities.