14 January 2021
We are glad to welcome a new partner of audit services – Yulia Gumenyuk

The direction of audit services is the largest in the activities of Baker Tilly and strengthening the team of partners allows us to execute even more projects, providing professional quality services according to international standards. For more than 10 years of work in the field of audit and preparation of financial statements, Yulia has gained…

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13 October 2020
Will foreign investors strike gold?

When you are stuck in one place, there’s plenty of time to dream of where you would rather be — and for thousands of wealthy global citizens, the pandemic gave them time to do just that. It’s triggered a surge in interest in so-called Golden Visa schemes, used by some countries to reward investment with…

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31 August 2020
Law №466: main amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine

We prepared a short presentation on the main amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine according to the Law of Ukraine №466 «On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on improving tax administration, removing technical and logical mismatches in the tax legislation» was signed by the President on May 21, 2020. The law came…

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4 May 2020
Tarantino yourself: how financial modeling strengthens business

Serious preparation for the future is not the strongest feature of our business. What to say about the preparation in the difficult conditions of absolute uncertainty – at a time when forecasts are different and no one can predict how and when events will develop. Perhaps all of these are a great reason to arm…

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30 April 2020
The 2020 economic crisis: whether it will be worse than 2009 and what to expect for Ukraine. Infographics

The 20s of the 21st century were very similar to the 20s of the previous one: then the world was suffering from the Spanish flu epidemic and was heading for the Great Depression. Today we have a coronavirus pandemic and, according to the IMF, we are approaching the Great Depression 2.0. It is difficult to…

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15 April 2020
5 ways to improving your mood

Do you have sometimes a feeling that nothing around makes you happy, everything falls down from your hands and the day just passes. What shall you do? How to get rid of this condition? It is known that our mood depends on hormones. Dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are hormones of happiness. If you suddenly feel…

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8 April 2020
4 advices on how to study online effective​ly

We are really lucky to live in a time of digitization and ability to have access to information from all over the world, while staying at home. In addition, quarantine, definitely, provide us with 2-3 hours per day, which we can use for self-education, improving our skills and gaining new knowledge. Nowadays online learning is…

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1 April 2020
CEO’s notes: how to unite employees in time of uncertainty

The role of a leader or business owner is very significant in this difficult period. Your energy and decisiveness are critically required now to overcome the crisis. The CEO is expected to have an open dialogue with an enviable frequency. A lively response to an ongoing situation is always better than its absence. The team…

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30 March 2020
Force majeure: chance or disaster

Unexpected changes in the market or in the economy is the best reason to analyze the main components of a business. It’s time to save and optimize. It is time to set the right priorities and set realistic goals. Time of short-term and scenario planning to get a sense of the controllability of an uncontrolled…

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25 March 2020
How to help employees adapt to remote work: the Baker Tilly experience

Baker Tilly takes care of its employees and wants them to be comfortable working in the office and at home. We conducted an anonymous survey and asked our colleagues how they work remotely, what helps them get started and what they need to do to improve performance. We are glad to share the experience. The…

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