We are really lucky to live in a time of digitization and ability to have access to information from all over the world, while staying at home. In addition, quarantine, definitely, provide us with 2-3 hours per day, which we can use for self-education, improving our skills and gaining new knowledge.

Nowadays online learning is on the same level with the offline education in terms of quality, information completeness and the ability to communicate with teacher and participants. Moreover, it has some advantages, for example – you can watch the video at convenient for you time, split it into pieces, accelerate the tempo or pause it if you need more time to think or take notes.

The main problem is self-discipline. Of course, everything depends on personal goals and motivation, but here are some tips, which can help you to complete your chosen course.

1. Focus. Choose courses that really interest you and help you to develop skills, which you need for reaching your goals.

The information flow is very active right now. There are suggestions from everywhere to learn a foreign language, listen to the Instagram page development course, view the webinar “Take a photo at home” etc. All this is tempting, but focus only on 1 or, maximum, 2 topics. After completing one course, you can start another.

2. Create a training schedule. Choose the frequency and time for studying and fix it in your weekly schedule. This will allow you to be more disciplined and not delay the class until later.

3. Prepare working atmosphere. Watching a video course is not same as watching movie or entertaining video. You need to focus for getting result. And it’s harder to do while lying on the sofa. Thus, we recommend you to sit near the table or, at least, in a chair and prepare everything you need for training.

4. After watching the video tutorial, record 3-5 key notes that you learned during the lecture. If there is a tests or homework, do it. This will allow you to learn the material even better.

So, choose the course and strive to new knowledge!