Do you have sometimes a feeling that nothing around makes you happy, everything falls down from your hands and the day just passes. What shall you do? How to get rid of this condition?
It is known that our mood depends on hormones. Dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are hormones of happiness. If you suddenly feel that your mood is worsening, here are a few offers from our business analyst, Nelia Grinchuk, on how to stimulate the production of these hormones in the body and improve the emotional state.

Sports and physical activity

Want to stay in bed and feel sorry for yourself? Not worth it. The more mobile a person is, the more mobile his emotions are. Exercise, run, jump, dance, do the cleaning. At this time, the brain increases the production of serotonin and dopamine, which improves mood. Gretchen Rubin advises: “Run up the stairs, jump over the puddle, jump on the bed. Adrenaline gives an endorphin that boosts mood. ” “The jumps will make you feel playful and energetic,” she adds. So, being a little kid turns out to be helpful.

Color therapy and aromatherapy

Scientists have long proven that color affects the human body, stimulates brain function, the production of many hormones and directly affects our well-being. Surround yourself with bright colors. Orange and green – these are the colors that can save you from a bad mood. The same can be said for fragrances. The smells are able to evoke a wide variety of sensations, so by surrounding yourself with not only pleasant colors but also aromas, you will make a significant step to improve both your mood and well-being in general. The thing is, when we inhale some of the aromas, our limbic system is activated. To improve mood, I recommend the aromas of jasmine, grapefruit, lemon or eucalyptus. You can also savor lavender or basil essential oil. Maybe you have your favorite scent? Then use it.


In 2013, researcher Yun Ferguson discovered that rhythmic music can lift spirits. Create a custom playlist on your device so you can at any time eliminate the germs of a bad mood. Turn it on and sing.


Regular hugs can calm you down and cheer you up. Scientists have proven that touching loved ones reduces stress and relieves anxiety. When a person hugs a friend, partner, or family member, their body produces the “hormone of love” – oxytocin. This makes the person feel better, calmer and more secure. Tiffany Field, a senior fellow at the University of Miami, also recommends that you do not forget about self-massage: rubbing your forehead, neck, shoulders – all of which can improve your day and well-being.


Human consists of eating and drinking. To be in tone, you need to fill the body with energy. How to cheer up if you don’t have the elements you need? The only way is to eat something tasty and healthy. Hormones of Happiness are actively produced under the influence of black chocolate, coffee, bananas, nuts, fruits, seafood and greens. If you fill your daily ration with these components, you can forget about the bad mood. The main thing is to follow the rules of the “golden mean” and not to overcome it even with very useful products.

And also, just smile! When we laugh, there is a powerful release of endorphins and dopamine that improves mood. Nothing funny? Still smile! You can turn on a funny video or call a friend who has a great sense of humor. It is proved that if you, even if by force, start to smile, then in a couple of minutes your mood will automatically improve. Do not believe? Try it and you will see yourself.

As we can see, our mood is in our hands and it is very easy to cheer up.