22 October 2021
Baker Tilly together with partner achieved HR-Brand Award 2021

Baker Tilly together with Deloitte presented project “Work & Study – dual education as the education of the future” at the Annual HR-Brand Award. What should be done by business competitors who see a big idea that can have a positive impact on society? Trying to implement it alone or creating a cool collaboration? For…

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24 February 2021
Taxation of non-residents and their permanent representative offices

On February 11, 2021, Tax Authorities of Ukraine published on their informational resources an Information Letter № 19 “On taxation of non-residents and their permanent representative offices in 2020 and their registration as taxpayers starting from 01st of January 2021.” This information letter contains some clarifications about the obligations of non-residents tax registration (foreign companies…

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14 January 2021
We are glad to welcome a new partner of audit services – Yulia Gumenyuk

The direction of audit services is the largest in the activities of Baker Tilly and strengthening the team of partners allows us to execute even more projects, providing professional quality services according to international standards. For more than 10 years of work in the field of audit and preparation of financial statements, Yulia has gained…

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13 October 2020
Will foreign investors strike gold?

When you are stuck in one place, there’s plenty of time to dream of where you would rather be — and for thousands of wealthy global citizens, the pandemic gave them time to do just that. It’s triggered a surge in interest in so-called Golden Visa schemes, used by some countries to reward investment with…

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31 August 2020
Law №466: main amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine

We prepared a short presentation on the main amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine according to the Law of Ukraine №466 «On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on improving tax administration, removing technical and logical mismatches in the tax legislation» was signed by the President on May 21, 2020. The law came…

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30 March 2020
Force majeure: chance or disaster

Unexpected changes in the market or in the economy is the best reason to analyze the main components of a business. It’s time to save and optimize. It is time to set the right priorities and set realistic goals. Time of short-term and scenario planning to get a sense of the controllability of an uncontrolled…

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23 March 2020
How to work in a crisis?

Ukraine is quarantined, and there is a financial crisis in the country. The next two to three months will be difficult. The main task to get rid of panic. Often, people make mistakes by making quick and deliberate decisions in crisis situations. Quite often, these decisions are not solutions in such situations. You should leave…

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23 March 2020
To support taxpayers for the period of measures to prevent the emergence and spread of COVID-19 a law was adopted

Government adopted the Law No. 3220 “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and Other Laws of Ukraine on Support of Taxpayers for the Period of Measures to Prevent the Occurrence and Spread of COVID-19”. The Law applies to most taxpayers. Here are the major changes that will act during the period of quarantine:

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20 March 2020
How to stop do nothing?

For the most of us it is easier to concentrate at the office, there is a work atmosphere, colleagues, live communication etc. Home Office work style is a new experience for a lot of people. It is clear that there is always something to be distracted at home – memes of your favorite blogger, one…

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19 March 2020
Remote work: five ways to stay productive online

Alyona Skichko, Business Process and Accounting Outsourcing Partner at Baker Tilly in Ukraine, on the importance of using necessary tools you need while working outside your office. Remote work in Ukraine and in the world changes the usual business life. This mode of work has become a necessary element in the life of companies, especially…

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