25 March 2020
How the quarantine and closed borders will affect the world economy – infographic

Experts predicted the economic crisis in 2019, but developed countries were able to hold themselves and hold everyone. Although the growth of the world economy has been the lowest in the last 10 years – 2.3%, and 2020 brought with it what no one could have predicted – a pandemic. And if previously extremely negative…

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23 March 2020
How to work in a crisis?

Ukraine is quarantined, and there is a financial crisis in the country. The next two to three months will be difficult. The main task to get rid of panic. Often, people make mistakes by making quick and deliberate decisions in crisis situations. Quite often, these decisions are not solutions in such situations. You should leave…

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20 March 2020
How to stop do nothing?

For the most of us it is easier to concentrate at the office, there is a work atmosphere, colleagues, live communication etc. Home Office work style is a new experience for a lot of people. It is clear that there is always something to be distracted at home – memes of your favorite blogger, one…

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19 March 2020
Remote work: five ways to stay productive online

Alyona Skichko, Business Process and Accounting Outsourcing Partner at Baker Tilly in Ukraine, on the importance of using necessary tools you need while working outside your office. Remote work in Ukraine and in the world changes the usual business life. This mode of work has become a necessary element in the life of companies, especially…

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23 February 2020
“Ukrainian Agri Business”: Review of the Sixth Edition of the Infographic Guide

With the support from Baker Tilly the sixth edition of the infographic guide “Agri business in Ukraine” was issued. 42 pages of fresh infographics will help you better understand the contemporary Ukrainian agribusiness. In the new edition we put a particular emphasis on financial side of the matter – loans, investments and support of agricultural…

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11 February 2020
Study not work. How would you punctuate?

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time studying nowadays. 12 years at school, 4-6 years in university, and then another 5-10 years to arrive at a somewhat acceptable result and have a desired career progress. Then, out of the blue, you are 30-35 years of age. What upsets the most is that sooner or…

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25 November 2019
Global dealmakers: cross-border M&A outlook for 2019 and beyond

In the first half of 2019 (H1 2019), global merger and acquisition (M&A) value reached $1.86 trillion, increasing 21 percent from H2 2018 ($1.5 trillion). Although this was 8 percent less than the H1 2018 ($2 trillion in announced deals), it was the second-highest half year on record. Likewise, while M&A volumes have slowed –…

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28 February 2019
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25 February 2019
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22 February 2019
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