The audit company «Baker Tilly Ukraine» notifies about the opening of its representation in Western Ukraine, and namely in Donetsk city. This event will help «Baker Tilly Ukraine» to set more operational, close and effective cooperation with clients of the company in Western regions of Ukraine.

«Baker Tilly Ukraine» has made such decision first of all based on stable progress rates of economic and industrial development, high investment activity, and also intellectual potential of these territories. These are the criteria which managing partner of «Baker Tilly Ukraine» in Ukraine Alexander Pochkun specifies among the principal ones.

As explained by him, economic life of Donetsk region is one of the most dynamic and rapid-growing in the country. Here we can observe the growth of demand for audit and consulting services, which in large exceeds the existed supply. That is why the aim of our company is to encourage further development of the region by way of providing audit, tax and consulting services of high-quality to regional business – community.

The other reason which led to opening of Donetsk office was active enlargement of clients’ business. In Western Ukraine the company provides services not only to international transnational “players”, but also to the biggest Ukrainian financial industrial groups.

«Baker Tilly Ukraine» intends to strengthen cooperation with large enterprises of metallurgical, machine-building and coal-mining branches, and also to develop practice in the sphere of retail sales, financial services and production of consumer goods.

We are expecting that the overall number of clients will keep increasing with the growth of needs of smaller-in-size companies (significant national “players”), and also representatives of the branches in which «Baker Tilly Ukraine» has not been yet engaged.

Company’s managing partner Alexander Pochkun put an emphasis on the fact that, judging by his observations, consulting services connected with business reorganization, entry to the international capital markets, and also the coming activating of Ukrainian companies’ entry on international stock market by way of IPO, will be in the greatest demand.

New regional office «Baker Tilly Ukraine» in Donetsk city is located 
Chelyuskintsev str., 157 А
Tel. (+38 062) 312 58 49 / 312 59 79
Fax (+38 062) 312 51 66