Corn is a key export agricultural crop in Ukraine. In 2017/2018 marketing years, 18,5 million tons of crop worth of $2,7 billion were exported. It represents 15% of income generated by the agricultural export.

The export of corn decreased by 11%

Ukraine is the 8th largest producer and 4th largest exporter of corn in the world. Nevertheless, this year’s figures dropped significantly in comparison with the previous one. The production of corn decreased by 14%, while its export by 11%. At the same time, 80% of produced corn was exported.

47% of Ukrainian corn is exported to the EU

Key importers of Ukrainian corn are China (16,4%), Egypt (14%) and Netherlands (11,4%). The main importing region is Europe, which consumes 47% of corn exported from Ukraine.

The yield of corn was affected by bad weather conditions

The yield of corn decreased down to 5,5 tons per hectare, while the area planted with this crop increased by 5% – up to 4,5 million hectares. Unfavorable weather conditions are the main reason for the decrease of yield. In May it was still snowing, while summer was hot and dry – all these factors negatively affected the corn vegetation. In the USA, leading global producer of corn, the yield of corn was 11 tons per hectare, while 6 tons in China and 5 in Brazil.

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