Personal lines insurance

People are the key strength of any business. Every successful company is keen to hire and retain best professionals at every level of corporate hierarchy. The higher the rank of a required professional, the more demanding it is to secure his or her employment. All motivational factors are put to work in an effort to recruit the right people. Reimbursement of medical expenses via insurance has always been the primary method of motivation for companies located in countries with expensive medical treatment and problematic conditions of general healthcare system. Medical insurance has been successful because it overcomes those negative factors, making medical treatment more available and ensuring the access to professional medical service. Medical insurance is one of the most widely recognised instruments for an enterprise to cover possible medical expenses of their employees. The other well-known instrument is direct reimbursement of the medical expenses. This method is more controversial since it is less transparent and requires excessive corporate funding that could result in a substantial financial burden imposed on a company.

Usually, it is not enough for a company just to express a wish for corporate medical insurance.  It is equally as important to “construct” and implement the correct insurance programme. Top management is seldom motivated by medical insurance per se. But a high-quality medical treatment is the best way to cure a difficult illness and put a valued executive back in business. At the same time, the middle-level managers are often highly motivated by the possibility of medical reimbursement as the reimbursement eases the personal financial burden. It is important to remember that medical treatment is a service – which means that a patient is highly dependent on the professionalism of a doctor. Thus medical insurance cannot be taken for granted because quality of services varies by medical establishment. Certain hospitals and clinics provide good care in one line of treatment but could be less reliable in another. The picture is furthermore complicated by an extensive list of illness-specific exclusions from insurance coverage: not every illness and decease will be covered. And while certain exclusions are clear and understandable, the majority will require an MD degree in order to comprehend their true meaning.

This is why our specialists are always on call regarding all aspects of the insurance agreement during its full term; our commitment to the customers is to secure the timely fulfillment of the insurance company’s contract obligations.  If you care about the loyalty of your employees by assuming responsibility for their medical expenses, we will arrange the best value-for-money insurance with highest standards of medical care. When negotiating an insurance agreement for you, we shall engage the insurance companies with large insurance portfolios in order to secure special attention to you as a client. Our main practical tasks are to monitor and enforce the timely fulfillment of insurance company’s obligations and to solve any problems that can arise in relation to the corporate insurance.