Motor vehicle insurance

Logistics and transportation are of utmost importance to many businesses. A large number of companies are logistics-dependent and vulnerable to disruptions in supply chain. Retailers, distributors and food producers are the examples of businesses with extreme reliance on effective transportation and timely delivery. This reliance, alongside with the requirement to optimise the delivery schedules, are the major reasons for the companies to retain a large park of motor vehicles.

The ever-worsening traffic conditions, in large cities in particular, subject motor vehicles to the constant risk of road accidents. An increasing number of automobile assets in a company also increase the chances of these vehicles suffering substantial damage. In order to minimise loss of profit due to temporary inaccessibility of a vehicle, the service and repair intervals should be kept to a minimum. If a vehicle suffered extensive road damage, an insurance claim settlement could be the only feasible way to replace the asset to be written-off.

In assisting you with corporate motor insurance, we shall start by proposing a short list of the most price-competitive and financially sound insurance companies. You will receive a comparative analysis and quotations of the most trustworthy insurers, supplemented by an up-to-date description of the current state of the insurance market. We are intimately familiar with specifics of the vehicle fleet typical for your industry – and we are able to offer a reduction of expenses for motor insurance without compromising the coverage and quality of service. Proper management of motor insurance policies may be surprisingly cost-effective! And in case of traffic accidents, our specialists will see to your claim being settled in the shortest time possible, so that the damaged car is fully operational in a shortest while after the accident.