Representatives of the United Nations Development Project in Ukraine and Baker Tilly Ukraine discussed the possibility of cooperation in a joint project of the International Labor Organization (ILO), UNDP and the State Employment Center of Ukraine named “Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities through Access to Employment”.

An integral component of Baker Tilly Ukraine’s social policy is the implementation and support of external social projects. Therefore, after recent project in the Mezhrechinskiy Landscape Park, Baker Tilly Ukraine decided to launch active cooperation with the UNDP in Ukraine. The first project, which the company became involved with, is the “Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities through Access to Employment”.

However, there’re still many vitally important issues that remain unresolved, which do not let disabled people feel themselves as valuable citizens of Ukrainian society. Today employment of people with disabilities is one of the most pressing problems. Unfortunately, new problems arise in this field last year, while older ones remain unresolved. Employers do not want to create real jobs for people with disabilities or offer low-skilled jobs. The other side of the issue is that those employers who want to find what the professional staff, and consequently to carry out the law regarding employment of people with disabilities, do not know where to find such specialists with a desire to work.

“Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities through Access to Employment” project aims to facilitate a proactive inclusion of people with disabilities in the open labor market in order to safeguard their equal rights and opportunities. This will contribute to poverty reduction, since people with disabilities often have the lowest revenues, and use their capacity as a macroeconomic resource of the labor force. Furthermore, this will in its turn contribute to the sustainable economic growth of the country. The specific Project objective is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Public Employment Service and its partners in provision of employment of people with disabilities.