Baker Tilly Ukraine was the general sponsor for the second annual forum “Agribusiness in Ukraine”, presented by the Institute of Adam Smith, and held in Kiev on March 16-18, in the conference hall of the Hotel Intercontinental.

Forum “Agribusiness in Ukraine” is now called the loudest event of the year in Ukrainian agriculture since it is the only dynamic and high-level meeting for all industry participants, an excellent platform to establish business relations as well as get answers to important professional issues. The event brought together about 200 participants, among which: government representatives, leading Ukrainian and international companies, stock exchanges, international financial institutions etc. More than forty leaders and experts of the Ukrainian and global agricultural industry came out with the presentation at the forum.

Among the forum’s most important issues:

  • How to strengthen the competitiveness of Ukrainian agricultural companies in the world markets?
  • Will Ukrainian producers get access to markets in the EU?
  • Whether Government measures to ensure access of agricultural companies to credit resources are effective?
  • How do international investors rate the attractiveness of Ukrainian agriculture today?

The Forum has traditionally consisted of focus groups by industry, presentations and round tables. Among the new products of the conference were a short feature presentations and interactive discussions on the industry, as well as industry leaders’ panel debate “The State and Agribusiness – Effective cooperation”

Baker Tilly Ukraine was presented at Agroforum with two speakers: Managing Partner Alexander Pochkun, as well as the head of the educational center, a professional trainer and consultant Ilia Agladze

At the session, “Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Lenders in Agricultural in Ukraine” Alexander Pochkun made a presentation on the theme of transparency in financial reporting in the agricultural sector. Managing Partner of Baker Tilly Ukraine noted that the transparent financial reporting is needed to both, internal users of the company for management decisions and external users for investment decision-making. According Pochkun: “Financial transparency of the company is a prerequisite of investment attractiveness, as nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke.”

Head of Educational Center “Baker Tilly Ukraine” Ilia Agladze in the final day of the conference in a session on optimizing business processes came out with the speech on the theme “The Role of the Investor Relations Function to Enhance Company Value”. In his presentation Ilia illustrated on practical examples why investor relations function is important in Ukraine agriculture now, how investor relation function could affect the value of the company, and what is needed to establish an efficient investor relation function.