There are 390 producers of organic products and over 410 thousand hectares of certified organic agricultural lands registered in Ukraine. Some big agricultural holdings are also involved in organic production, allocating up to 10% of their lands for such projects.

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Source:Infographics Guide “Ukrainian Agribusiness”

You have already learned about 5 successful Ukrainian agricultural companies developing the organic farming in the country. Below we propose you to get acquainted with 5 more enterprises. Their owners didn’t step back when confronted with challenges of organic farming and invested a lot of resources, knowledge, and spirit into cultivation of safe products.

The agricultural firm “Pole”, Cherkasy region  

Date of establishment: 2007.  

Land bank: 9 000 hectares.

Production range: millet, organic pasta from durum; a wide range of crops, legumes, and oleic crops: barley, rye, lentil, chickpea, pea, soybean, mustard, sunflower, and flax.

Certificates: EU 834/07, EU 889/08, FSSC 22 000.

Export to: Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Malaysia, Poland, Czech Republic, and France.

What’s interesting? The quality control is performed by the certified internal laboratory as well as renowned European laboratories. The company also has a grain elevator with 5 000 tons storage capacity for the storage of millet which allows Pole to process and sell it during the whole year. In 2015 and 2016 the company opened two of its representations in the Czech Republic and Poland in order to facilitate export of its products to EU countries as well as to be closer to customers abroad.  

Arnika Organic, Poltava region

Date of establishment: 2000.

Land bank:  6 313 hectares, lands in process of conversion – 9 460 hectares.

Production range: green lentil, chickpea, wheat, forage and edible soybean, forage and edible corn, industrial hemp, oleic edible flax, and sunflower.

Certificates: EU, Bio Suisse, NOP USDA.

Export to: Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, and New Zealand.  

What’s interesting? This is the largest Ukrainian exporter of organic products to Switzerland.

The system of the control for the observance of organic standards, including the GPS-monitoring, barcoding, and sealing of big-bags with organic products solutions, is implemented in the company together with the developed infrastructure: organic grain elevator with 20,5 thousand tons storage capacity, railways and vehicles cargo terminals, facilities for loading of shipping containers.   

This agro-industrial group is also developing a bypass protein- and bypass starch-based feed additive for calves and cows. By the end of 2018, the group plans to start selling this product on Ukrainian and European markets, including organic niches.

In 2017 the company also collected the first harvest of the experimental oleic flax which was grown on organic lands and lands under the conversion for the purpose of obtaining experience in cultivation of this crop in accordance with organic technologies.

“Dynaiskiy Agrariy”, Odessa region

Land bank: 2 000 hectares.

Production range:  watermelons, colza, barley, pea, millet, sunflower, lentil, durum, chickpea, green pea, and peaches.  

Certificates: UA-BIO, NOP, Bio Suisse.

Export to: Austria, Germany, Romania, and Great Britain.

What’s interesting?

The only company in Ukraine producing certified organic watermelons. In 2018 Dynaiskiy Agrariy plans to almost double area planted with watermelons by increasing it up to 20 hectares.

Small Fruit, Kyiv region

Date of establishment: 2011.

Land bank: 300 hectares.

Production range: raspberry, blackberry, strawberry.

Certificates: EU 834/07, EU 889/08.

Export to: Germany, France, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, USA, and Japan.

What’s interesting? In 2014 an agricultural cooperative “Kyivskiy”, which united farmers engaged in organic farming was created on the basis of the company. It was established with a view to improve the production efficiency and facilitate the export of products to EU countries. Since 2016 Small Fruit started selling the first in Europe and the only one in Ukraine raspberry cultivation franchise.  

Famberry, Zaporozhe region

Date of establishment: 2013.

Land bank: 14 hectares.

Production range: cornelian cherry.

Certificates: EU 834/07, EU 889/08.

What’s interesting? That’s the only one industrial-scale producer of cornelian cherry in Ukraine which has the largest garden of these plants in Europe. The company has its own processing capacities of berries and produces jams, fruits and berries paste, dried fruits, sauces, fruit-drink, frozen berries. The garden is supervised by Svetlana Klimenko, Ph.D. in biology, professor, the chief research associate at the Hryshko National Botanical Garden.   

Organic farming is more than just profit and an easy opportunity to enter the global market. It’s a step towards reasonable agricultural business which cares about the future. No matter how many hectares of land you are planning to cultivate, the main thing is to do it properly.