Alyona Skichko, Business Process and Accounting Outsourcing Partner at Baker Tilly in Ukraine, on the importance of using necessary tools you need while working outside your office.

Remote work in Ukraine and in the world changes the usual business life. This mode of work has become a necessary element in the life of companies, especially in times of quarantine restrictions. Remote work is a different rhythm and rules of the game. So you wonder how do you arrange work outside the office. It’s important to stick with deadlines, be able to redistribute efforts, delegate tasks, and work systematically and efficiently to make sure you don’t miss anything.
Consider a few key features of a work organization when your workplace is your home.

Continuity of processes. Make sure that the alternative contractor has access to such systems as e-bank, electronic reporting system, electronic accounting system, electronic taxpayer’s office. Especially if the primary contractor is unable to support these systems. Consider the importance of restricting access to information. After quarantine restrictions have been lifted, employees of companies that have transmitted data for access under their accounts must update their passwords.
Quality and timeliness. Work to increase responsiveness in the preparation of key financial information. The quality and timeliness of information determine the quality and timeliness of decisions. Particular attention should be paid to controlling cash flow, managing receivables, and strengthening the process of reconciling costs and prioritizing payments.

Efficiency. It is now more important than ever to be effective. With the slowdown and even stoppage of many sectors of the economy, there may be a reduction or downtime in workloads. In case if it is not possible to recycle accumulated vacations for one reason or another, free resources can be directed on improving internal efficiency. It is important to use time rationally. Consider automating processes that take a significant amount of time and involve employees. Take the time to analyze the underlying operating contracts for possible upgrades and improvements.

Management of internal communications. It is important not to miss any of the tasks of the company. To keep things in focus, keep track of open tasks, expected completion deadlines and responsible persons. In terms of quarantine and remote work, some information disintegration is present. Often the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. It is therefore important to initiate the creation of a common communication space. These can be:

• Online scheduling meetings.
• Setting tasks online with a copy to all stakeholders of the process.
• Use of various project management tools.
• General chats for basic issues.

Systematization of results of works. There will be so much information that it will be extremely difficult to formulate documents in the usual way, it is important that all employees follow the discipline of working on the server, not the desktop. It is worth considering the structure of temporary folders that will store the document before it is made in paper form. In general, this approach should be used in routine work, and now, in the context of remote collaboration , it greatly increases efficiency.