Appraisal and financial modeling
The valuation team of Baker Tilly has over 10 years practices in working with the largest companies in all business segments. We supported the largest IPO of Ukrainian companies, represented clients in international courts, assist in engaging of more than a billion dollars of loans, participated in the M&A transactions of companies, assisted in structuring deals with intangibles and carried out assessment of key government assets.
We position ourselves as an appraisal company in TOP-3 in Ukraine, with a team of over 20 people and a portfolio of more than 1,000 works performed.
Five major advantages of Baker Tilly team:
• A strong team of certified specialist
• Ability to work under stringent deadlines
• Ability to find and justify all possible reserves of value
• High quality of work, supported by the experience of realization and reconciliation projects for the international financial institutions (EBRD, IFC, Barclays), funds and investors
• Effective technology of projects realization and powerful information-analytical base.
Our main services:
• Creating a financial business models and forecasts.
• Business and assets valuation for M&A deals.
• Valuation under IFRS.
• Impairment test.
• Shares and corporate rights valuation.
• Intangible assets valuation.
• Commercial property valuation.
• Valuation for purposes of credit financing and restructuring.
• Valuation for the purposes of insurance and taxation.
• Investment valuation.
• Business and assets valuation for the purposes of litigations in the international courts.
• Valuation of regulatory asset base of natural monopolies.
• Review of valuation reports.