Technical and economic identification and inventory accounting

Procedure of identification is directed towards improvement of control over business by the creation of the registry of assets of the Company, which will be including the information concerning the location of assets, possession rights for them and technically-economical parameters.

The whole spectrum of services concerning technical and economic identification includes following procedures:
• The confirmation of physical presence of assets accounted according to the balance sheet
• Determination of the assets which are absent in the balance
• Photo-fixation of the assets
• Determination of geographical coordinates
• Marking of assets with the inventory numbers
• Identification of legal and other primary records
• Identification of technical records
• Determination of technical condition and residual lifetime of asset usage
• Determination of conditions of exploitation of fixed assets
• Analysis of Company assets in order to determine the possibility of their acknowledgement in financial reporting
• Creation of database (registry of technical and economic indicators) of Company assets