Development of regulations and the analysis of business processes

The development of regulations includes the description of the business processes and preparation of the documents that control different areas of operation of the company. The development of the necessary regulations allows you to evaluate the work of the enterprise as a whole and involve its owners, management and personnel in the process. As a result, the efficiency of the business is improved, as the parties that are involved begin to understand the company’s goals and their own objectives better.

The analysis of the business processes allows you to optimize the company’s management system, to make it more transparent, understandable and more responsive to the changes in the business environment.

As a part of the analysis of business processes Baker Tilly we the following:

  • a description of the existing business processes (in the form of a model).
  • an evaluation of the efficiency of the existing business processes and the detection of weaknesses.
  • the development of recommendations on its optimization.
  • the risk evaluation for each of proposed models on ooptimization.