Investment support services

Investment support services include the use of a set of practical tools that will provide help in the investment process to both the investor company and the company that is the object of the investment.

We offer the following services for investors:

  • Pre-investment consulting and company presentation
  • Support in the search for a company that is to be acquired
  • Structuring of agreements and tax planning
  • Professional help during the conduction of the transaction
  • Support in receiving debt financing
  • Post-investment auditing and monitoring of entities that were bought in Ukraine
  • Evaluation of the investments’ efficiency
  • Outsourcing of accounting and tax reporting
  • Development of strategies for exiting a business and services concerning returning investments.

We provide the following services for the companies that are objects of investment:

  • Pre-investment consulting and vendor due diligence
  • Verification of the business owners’ identities and the business’s reputation
  • Support in the investment process and presentation to investors
  • Structuring and tax optimization
  • Independent evaluation and financial modeling
  • Audit and management reporting
  • Independent directors’ services
  • Development of an internal control system.