Support of restructuring processes

Business restructuring is necessary for the company’s expansion, as well as for entering new markets and for the swift resolution of issues and overall improvement of the business.

Baker Tilly’s professionals provide qualified financial, tax and legal support during every stage of business restructuring.

As a part of this practice we conduct:

  • the analysis of the state of the company’s finances and its business processes to determine the need for restructuring and the ways in which it can be done;
  • development of a plan for business restructuring and support in the process of realizing the plan;
  • support for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), as well as other types of reorganization;
  • development a strategy for the reallocation of the functional responsibilities within the company to improve the company’s efficiency;
  • support of corporate debt refinancing processes;
  • development and optimization of business models;
  • formation and implementation of alternative business development strategies.