Review of Budgeting and Planning System
Hardly novel by name, Review of Budgeting and Planning System (BPS) remains perhaps the most sought-after service in the corporate sector today. BPS itself is as old as the financial world itself – yet the undying appeal of the concept inspired the creation of new-fangled management ideas and metrics, including KPI, KRI, BSC and many others. While appreciating the potential of new models, we at Baker Tilly Ukraine remain committed to the basic ideas of effective budgeting and planning. Nothing beats good budget in managing the company; nothing controls the business better than effective planning procedures.
Nearly every corporate client of ours believes it has a near-perfect BPS – yet they also feel that budgeting and planning efforts continue to add value in every segment of the business. Our BPS clients are uninterested in the standing-charge services and the long lead times typical for consulting engagements; so are we. Our BPS Review service is focused and value-added. We perform a quick yet thorough assessment of the client’s current BPS, identify weaknesses and provide recommendations. The deliverables are BPS Review, Budget Manual and Procedures. Time and again, this kit proves unbeatable for efficient management of business enterprise.