Tax advisory and Tax Audit

The specialists of Tax and Legal Department in Baker Tilly systematically monitor the slightest changes in the legislation and analyze their impact on business.

Our experts also participate in the development of regulations and therefore have the opportunity to prepare a tax strategy taking into account future changes and global trends.

The roles of Baker Tilly Consultants in Tax Planning projects are following:

  • checking the current approaches to taxation in order to eliminate errors in tax accounting and reduce tax risks;
  • preparing for a tax inspection, diagnosing risks of identifying tax violations and providing recommendations for their elimination;
  • support in communications with tax authorities and preparing a reasoned expert opinion;
  • developing a strategy for appealing tax authorities decisions;
  • providing with a consulting and methodological assistance for effective organization of tax accounting and optimization of tax burden;
  • advice on taxation of foreign companies and their representative offices in Ukraine.

Applying to Baker Tilly tax planning specialists you can be confident of the correctness of tax accounting and avoid fines for violations of tax legislation.