With the support from Baker Tilly the sixth edition of the infographic guide “Agri business in Ukraine” was issued. 42 pages of fresh infographics will help you better understand the contemporary Ukrainian agribusiness. In the new edition we put a particular emphasis on financial side of the matter – loans, investments and support of agricultural sector by the government. 

Ukraine produces mostly crops 

Similar to previous years, crops and beans remain leaders in terms of production volumes. Production of corn holds is the largest (35,8 million tons), followed by wheat (25,1 million tons) and barley (7,6 million tons). 

Vinnytsya region leads the agricultural production 

Vinnytsya region is responsible for the 8% of the total volume of agricultural production in the country. 23% of sweet beetroots, 15% of meat and 13% of fruits and berries are produced there. Odessa is leading in wool production (48%), while Kyiv region dominates the eggs production industry (20%). 

The organic agricultural production market is on the rise 

Even though areas dedicated to the organic farming shrunk, the number of producers, production and sales volumes have increased. In 2017, 289 organic producers were registered, compared to 182 in 2014.

The volume of investments in agricultural sector stabilized 

In 2018 the largest investors in the Ukrainian agricultural sector were Cyprus ($138 millions), British Virgin Islands ($85 millions) and Germany ($81 million). 

Crediting of the sector increases 

During last years the crediting of the sector has been gradually increasing both in terms of allocated money and its share in the banks’ loan portfolios. Around UAH 68 billion in loans were provided to agricultural sector in 2018.  

Learn more about the Ukrainian agricultural sector from the guide “Ukrainian Agri Business”. 

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Authors of the guide – content-marketing agency Top Lead and the key agricultural business media platform Latifundist.com with the support of partners: legal firm AEQUO Law Firm, bank Credit Agricole Ukraine  and Baker Tilly

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